A non-profit organizaton for the promotion of skeet shooting both in Mississippi and Nationally.

2016 Hillbilly Open iShoot
Whitetail Ridge Outdoors,
Coast Rifle and Pistol, Memphis Sport Shooting Association, Poplar Bluff Gun Club, Starkville Gun Club

A PDF program is available here: http://www.msskeet.org/2016/2016_148865.pdf

I did put out an Email stating Capitol Gun Club would be hosting the shoot as well but unfortunately conflicts have arisen and Capitol will not be shooting.
Sorry for the confusion.

2016 Rebel Open, Capitol Gun Club
HOA Champion Nathan Boyd (396x400) - HOA Runner-Up Mike Schmidt (395x400)

Nathan Boyd - 20 Gauge, 410 Bore, HOA Champion
Mike Schmidt - Doubles, 28 Gauge, HAA Champion

Donald Crawford, 2016 Rebel Open, Capitol Gun Club
1st time 200 straight and finished HOA 3rd

Caile Bradham, 2016 Rebel Open, Capitol Gun Club
12 Gauge Champion

Carl Walker, 2016 Rebel Open, Capitol Gun Club
1st 100 Straight in the 12 Gauge
Finished 12 Gauge 3rd

See full Doubles Results below:

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This is a pretty involved process as I have 12 Domains hosted with them, each having multiple databases. I can promise you that msskeet.org does not work to 100% there will be errors. Please just email me if you run into a problem and I will correct it as I can. My short term was try to make it work enough to get us through the Rebel Open this weekend.

If you need a web service provider at this point I would suggest ANYONE except HOSTGATOR.

News from the 2016 Pletcher Open

JOHN SNYDER of MANASSAS, VA, claimed the Doubles Championship at the 2016 Pletcher Open. BILL WILSON of KATHLEEN, GA was RU and PAUL STEMAC KINGSPORT, TN, claimed 3RD to begin 10 Days of Championship Skeet Shooting at the 2016 Armed Forces Skeet Championships!

2016 Catfish Open, Capitol Gun Club
Matt Tyrone (l - HOA 3rd 395x400) Jacob Young (c - HOA CH 399x400) - Mike Schmidt (r - HOA RU 396x400)

2016 Catfish Open, Capitol Gun Club
Dennis Burns (l - 28 Gauge CH) Jacob Young (c - HOA CH 399x400, 12 Gauge CH) - Mike Schmidt (r - Doubles, 20, 410 Bore CH)

2016 Catfish Open, Capitol Gun Club
Willie Taylor - 1st 100 20 Gauge

See full Doubles Results below:

Trip Jones (l) presented "The Golden BoDoc" by Frank Callahan (r)

Trip Jones captured the 2016 Golden Bois d' arc with a hard fought 393x400, in very windy conditions, also claiming the Doubles, 12 Gauge and HAA Championships along the way!

Andy Pounders (r) presented "The ONLY" $100.00 for a 100 and claiming the 20 Gauge Championship by Clark Hartness (l)

Great Shooting Andy!

Jimmie Abernathy (l) presented "The BCDE Championship Trophy" by Frank Callahan (r)

Great Shooting Jimmie! A perfect Score in the Shoot-Off!

Nathan Boyd, 2016 28 Gauge Champion!

Great Shooting Number One!

Matt Tyrone, 2016 410 Bore Champion with Lone 98 and HOA Runner-Up!

Defending 2015 BODOC Champion puts on another Great Show!

Use the link below for full results.

Special Note: Memphis Sport Shooting Association Host's another Record Breaking iShoot with the April Showers Open on Sunday April 3, 2016.

We are extremely grateful to all the competitors who came out last Sunday to make the 2016 March Winds Open another record breaking iShoot!

Please visit the link below for Matt Tyrone's Wrap-Up of the March Winds Open!


Good Shooting!

Four Mississippi Shooters claim positions on the 2016 KRIEGHOFF ALL-AMERICAN TEAM

Special Note on New Year Open Sunday the Memphis Sport Shooting Association will join in for another club to shoot. More info and online registration to follow soon!